Thomas Harold Bradley

We in Castle Bytham have recently lost one of our most colourful, best known and best loved characters.

Thomas Harold Bradley was baptised in St James Church, Castle Bytham on 13 September 1908.  The second son of Thomas William and Edith Mary Bradshaw Bradley.  Two more brothers and one sister were born later – the sister, of course, being our old friend Netta.

Although unable to read, Harold acquired a most interesting collection of phrases – he once said of neighbours who looked after him for a few weeks – “They squared me up!”.   He had an extensive knowledge of local history, particularly the more inconvenient events like floods, house fires etc.  How he would have relished the recent ‘car in the pond’ episode!

Harold died on 30 June 1995, and was buried in Castle Bytham Cemetery on 6 July.  His favourite hymn, ‘There is a green hill far away’, which he would often be heard singing to himself as he walked round the village, was included in the service in St James Church.  The large number of local residents and the beautiful flowers at the funeral were an indication of the love and regard in which he was held.  We shall all miss him.


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