Operation Mastif – illegal raves

During the spring and summer months Lincolnshire suffers from a number of organised illegal rave gatherings.

Whilst raves are normally located in remote areas, they do have a negative impact on rural communities. They damage land and the environment with waste products, litter, damage to crops and distress live stock in nearby locations.

Bank Holidays are key risk weekends for raves.

Lincolnshire Police would ask members of our communities to be observant. Whilst out and about during normal business please check locations, particularly disused buildings such as barns and other large buildings, for signs of possible preplanning.

  • This will sometimes consist of fences/gates being removed to allow access for cars.
  • Padlocks and chains being cut or broken but then left in situ.
  • Buildings being cleared to allow access for large numbers of ravers.
  • Posts being issued on social media for awareness of up and coming locations.
  • Sightings of large numbers of cars following each other or converging in a rural location.
  • Road markings such as paint marks on the surface.
  • Ribbons on gates and in hedges.

Please report any such information under Operation Mastif on Tel: 101 or alternatively you can report on line:


If a crime is in progress or there is a threat to life please ring: 999