Cycling … Morkery Wood

Morkery Wood is a small ancient woodland was used as a ammunition and bomb store during the 2nd World War when it was known as RAF South Witham.  This use created a network of hard surface tracks throughout the wood many of which are still very visible today and provide an ideal surface to cycle on. As with Bourne Woods the area is being replanted with site-native oak and ash, under the ‘Ancient Woodland Project’.  This replanting commenced in Morkery Wood in the 1990’s after the felling of dead Norway Spruce which had been planted immediately after the war.

Cycling is permitted throughout Morkery Wood and the hard surface paths make it an easy ride.  Morkery Wood is 2½ miles from Little Bytham, and 1½ miles from Castle Bytham, by minor roads.  There is also a free car park on site if you prefer to not cycle to the Avenue.

After visiting Morkery Wood, cycling back to Castle Bytham will allow refreshment from the Castle Bytham Stores and, if your timing is right, the Castle Inn and Fox and Hounds public houses!

The Route to Morkery Wood

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