Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 09/03/11

As reported in the The Glenside News – June 2011


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllr Hinton (Vice-Chairman) Cllrs Allsop, Bakker, Blunt, Butler, Hamblin, Sale, Williams



In Attendance

Mr D Carter, Facility Improvement Manager, Lincolnshire Sports Partnership. Mr D Smith, Castle Bytham PCC Treasurer.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The record of the meeting held on 22 February 2011 was approved as minutes and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllt Bakker.

Presentation by Mr David Carter, Lincolnshire Sports Partnership

Mr Carter explained that the aim of the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership was to assist village sin making greater use of their village halls and playing fields. The partnership helps with publicity, facility design and can arrange competitions with other villages. Instructors can be provided for a number of activities for all age groups.  Cost – 3 options … (1) £1200 annual membership fee, a number of activities developed through the year and as  result villages get a revenue between £5000 and £11000; (2) the Partnership appoints instructors, the village keep the revenue from activities minus the cost of the instructors; (3) the partnership can work on a 50-50 profit share with the village.  The Councillors agreed to consult the Village Hall Committee regarding activities and liaise with Mr Carter in the near future.


Playing Field

The Councillors voted in favour of purchasing more children’s play equipment rather than trees; Cllr Hinton declared an interest and abstained. An invoice for a slide and a castle was approved, £2995 +VAT.

Request for Financial Assistance from the PCC

Mr D Smith, PCC Treasurer, presented the PCC‘s Accounts and explained that the church roof was in need of urgent repair, with rain water getting through the lead roof of the nave and the slate roof of the north transept.  The total cost of repair is £1440 +VAT.  The Councillors voted in favour of a one off donation of £500.

Renewal of Tenders for Playing Field, Upper Green and Cemetery

M Wright’s tender for the cemetery, upper green and playing field mound was renewed with an increase in the hourly rate from £10 to £12.  Clerk to obtain for the playing field grass cutting; Veolia quote has been received, £38 per cut – the Councillors voted to renew Veolia tender if no cheaper quote is obtained.

Renewal LALC Membership

The Councillors voted in favour of renewing LALC Membership, £204.  proposed by Cllr Hinton, seconded Cllr Allsopp.


S11/0238 – Mr and Mrs Dunn, 1 Heathcote Road, Castle Bytham.  Front extension and alterations to bungalow.  No objections.

S11/0342 – Trees in the Conservation Area – Section 211 Notice.  Fernleigh, Water Lane, Castle Bytham.  Remove pine tree (T1) and crown reduce by 25% cherry tree (T2).  Clerk informed on 9 March that the application had been approved by SKDC.

S11/0299 – Trees in the Conservation Area – Section 211 Notice. 8A Cumberland Gardens, Castle Bytham. Removal of silver birch.  This application was also approved by SKDC on 9 March.

S11/0467 – The Old Quarry, Station Road, Castle Bytham.  Outline planning application for a retirement care village comprising of a 75 bed nursing home; 75 bed dementia unit, a community health centre, 48 independent living units, 28 close care apartments and 15 affordable dwellings.  Application reference S10/0386.  It was proposed by Cllr Hamblin and seconded by Cllr Bakker that the Parish Council wished to reiterate the same objections they had to application S10/386 regarding the scale of the proposed development, traffic, sewage, nature conservation.

APP/2011/0128 – Erection of 80 metre high metereological mast . Land to the north of Woolfox Depot, Woolfox Lodge Road, Empingham, Rutland.  No objections.

The following applications have been granted planning permission by SKDC

S11/0118 – Mrs S Grayson, 11 Bytham Heights.  Extension to the north gable and to the rear of the existing bungalow.

S11/0135 – Mr S Mellows, 10A Cumberland Gardens.  Extension to dwelling [amended scheme from original approval S10/1877 with additional window in the west elevation of bedroom one].

The following application was withdrawn by the applicant …

S11/0165 – Mr M Rayner, School Farm Barn, High Street.  Trim tree in Conservation area – Section 211 Notice.

Village Pump

The holes outside the plinth will be covered with deep mesh covers, not filled with gravel.  Clerk to obtain quotes for the mesh covers.

LCC Bus Service Reductions

LCC have written to announce revised timetable / bus service reductions from April 2011: Kimes Stamford to Grantham route will be affected.

Parish Paths Partnership

A £460 grant from LCC was obtained in January 2011.  The stile off Cumberland Gardens  has been removed and replaced with a new fence; a new marker post has been fixed to the existing post; cost £134 – this invoice was approved unanimously by Councillors.  Two kissing gates provided free-of-charge by LCC should be delivered by 12 March 2011 and the remaining £326 of the grant will be used to install the gates after deciding between 6 possible locations.

Best Kept Village Competition

The entry form to be filled in and returned by the Clerk; cost £10, approved at 8 February meeting.

Cemetery Matters

The Councillors voted in favour of purchasing 2.5 tons of top soil at £15 / ton and £5 delivery charge. Total cost £42.50.  Clerk to place order.


SKDC – Parish Election Nomination Packs to be sent to clerks on 11 March 2011, as well as an updated register for the Parish as at 11 March.  Nomination papers to be received by the Returning Officer by noon on 4 April 2011.

Witham on the Hill Neighbourhood Policing Team Update, March 2011 – in Glenside News and on notice boards.

LALC – News, Spring 2011 Clerks and Council Direct, March 2011.

SKDC – Agenda Standards Committee meeting 2011.

SKDC – Grantham Area Action Plan – preferred approach consultation.

SSE Renewables – any questions on the proposals for wind turbines at the former Woolfox airfield site should be addressed to Chris Harris [Liaison Manager] on 0118 953 4155 or

Possible Parish Council Elections, May 2011

The Parish Council will send a short article to the Glenside News encouraging residents to stand as candidates; an election will be called if there are more than 9 nominations.


Robert Holland, Funeral Directors £80

M Cooke, Salary, 26 weeks, SCP19 £962 [100854]
Community Lincs, Best Kept Village Competition entrance fee, £10 [100855]
T Smith, work on footpath post and removal of stile, £134 [100856]

Balance  : Current Account £5983.08, Deposit Account £3954.86

Anglian Water sent a reminder bill for £79.63 on 25 February 2011. The Clerk rang to query it as the original bill had not been received. After investigating the matter, Anglian Water offered to put the Parish Council on a lower tariff; as a result the account is now in credit by £12.52


Glen Road street sign – Cllr Bakker is repairing one of the street signs to Glen Road which needs a new post.

Environment Agency clearing work on Glen Brook this has been completed; the Head of Operations is aware that the Fish Stew and Fishpools are an English Heritage site.

Date of Next Meeting : Wednesday 29 April 2011, 19.30, Castle Bytham Village Hall

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