Little Bytham Parish Council Clerks Notes : Meeting 04/11/10

As reported in the The Glenside News – December 2010


Mr Jones (PJ), Mrs Smith (Clerk), Mr Sharpe (Chairman) – part, Mrs Bland (KB), Mr Smith (SGS), Distrcit Councillor Ms Channell (IC), County Councillor M Trollope-Bellew, Mrs McFarland (SM), Mr T Carter (TC)

Local Residents



Mr T Wright (TW)

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting on 7 October 2010 were read and approved.


Parish Rooms

A local odd job man has been approached to carry out some essential repairs on the Parish Rooms: replacing side trims to windows and painting, adjust and re-hang gate in new frame, re-line gutters.

This work will take approx. 3 days, S Smith confirmed this is provisionally booked in for January 2011.  It was agreed to use him for this work to see how it goes.

It was agreed to get more keys cut for the new lock on the gate.

The store is still to be removed.

Village Hall

A letter of support was sent to the Village Hall Committee in support of their Funding Application.  This was circulated at the meeting.

Village Hall Deeds

The Parish Council are the Trustees of the land.  The boundaries are all alongside adjacent properties.  The Parish Council only own the land within the footprint of the building.  It is possible for the Parish Council to give grants for the upkeep of the Village Hall.  Currently the Village Hall Committee raise all the money for running costs themselves.  It was agreed to look into the running costs and decide on a possible suitable grant.

There is a requirement for the Village Hall is open to the public free of charge [sic].  The police will be present in the village hall on Tuesday mornings.


It was agreed to invite P Chandler to the next meeting to give the Parish Council an update of the work being carried out in the Spinney.

Station Yard

No planning application has been submitted yet, clerk to monitor changes.

Parish Plan

The Parish Council has been invited to attend the Careby, Aunby and Holywell Parish Meeting on Thursday 11 November 2010 at 7.15pm to listen to the presentation of the Village Plan.

There was a suggestion to produce the Parish Plan as an online document rather than a paper copy.  This could be available on a website available for Parish Councils to operate, clerk to investigate.

2011 Precept

The budget for 2011 will be worked out for the next meeting.

Flood Risk Assessment

The Parish Council have been sent a form to report history of flooding within the Parish.  If anyone within the Parish would like to complete a form please contact Paula Smith (Clerk) on 411242.

SKDC Accounts

SKDC have issued their Summary of Accounts 2009/2010.  These are available to view.


I Channel reported to the meeting that the verge had not been cut in front of St Medards Close.  Highways need to be approached again to investigate getting this done.

The horse riding school advert is still in the Glenside, the advert needs to be reworded.  Chairman to request this change.

The War Memorial still needs to be sealed to protect it in the future.

The meeting were informed that the LCC funding may be reduced between 25-30%.  The actual figures will be known in December.

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